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Movement in my emotions...

I've recently finished writing up the fourth quarter greetings from the Sponsor a Child families.  Normally I write information about every child in the family and talk about their school work and their dreams.  This time we asked them questions about Christmas.  Where they would be spending Christmas, what are some of their Christmas traditions.  What are they most thankful for this past 2017 year, what would they like prayer for in the coming year 2018.

These children are the most vulnerable of the children we serve here at Beautiful Gate. When we are with these children one does not ask, what would you like for Christmas?  It is something that you don't want to encourage because the likelihood that they would get that gift are remote.

Mind you they will receive gifts, because we make sure that happens.  And each and every one of the children are thrilled with receiving any gift at all.  Today we have about 20 volunteers from a local church filling gift bags full of age appropriate things for a Christmas party we will have in two days' time.

In two days' time we expect 1000 +/- children to flood Beautiful Gate.  There will be another (seemingly) army of volunteers painting faces, playing games, feeding these children.  Beautiful Gate will be a hive of activity and for a few hours these precious children will be treated as the precious children they are in Gods eyes.  It will be grand. Then they will go home to their reality.

You might think, oh how sad, oh those poor dears...but really the love and happiness they receive here will last a very long time.  It's a good thing.

The Sponsor a Child greetings that I had written up spoke about going to their home region the Eastern Cape and spending it with their families that they sometimes only see once a year.  Some spoke of staying here in Cape Town and having lunch and -maybe- having a visit from a friend.  One child is in a family where the dad is struggling from cancer. This child is just happy that her mom has returned home.  She left the family, by choice, after being gone for almost a year but now the child is happy because they are a complete family once again.  Another child doesn't know what Christmas will be like this year since their dad died this year and their mom doesn't have work.


I am reminded to treasure people not things.  To remember memories while making new ones as the days go on.

I am thrilled to be here in South Africa to be reminded that it is people that matter most.

If you'd like to give directly to Beautiful Gate South Africa you can click on this link, even if you are not on Facebook, and you can click the donate button.

In His Service,
Valeria Gail Markowski


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